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The History and Heritage of Made In Morocco Bazaar

Ancient Times

The people behind Made In Morocco Bazaar are members of the Rif Berbers tribe, an indigenous group originating from North Africa. Currently, we are spread across various countries in the region. During ancient times, we traded with other civilizations, owing to our strategic location. We became one of the most respected traders in the region after forging peace and agreements.

Even after attempts of invasion from conquerors, we kept to our traditions, imaginations, and our crafts—all of which survive today. We see ourselves as more than nomads that explore and cross the desert to trade. We are also farmers of the lush North African mountains and valleys, harvesting cactus, almonds, silk, saffron, and argan trees.

Taking Advantage of Our Resources

Our land is blessed as it experiences four seasons, allowing us to grow a broad range of crops all year round. We also have diverse livestock, from camels to Andalusian horses that serve as sources for leather. Because of this range, our trading capabilities were remarked upon by ancient scholars, such as Ibn Khaldun in his book, Al Muqaddimah.

Through trading, we were able to make peace and sell our rugs, gold, and other commodities to other nations. We connected with traders from the Mediterranean all the way to the Far East.


Our Rugs

One of our prime products is the Moroccan Rug, which comes in two types: the vintage and the virgin rug. The former is a lot more difficult to trade, as our masters would not accept anything less than 75 years old. However, both can be used for various purposes—as prayer rugs, dowries, wedding gifts, and more.

Facing the Future

Today, our trade routes have expanded way beyond the dirt tracks in the desert. Thanks to the internet, we are able to reach everyone around the world. Made In Morocco Bazaar now gives you the opportunity to own a piece of Moroccan culture, from custom made leather goods, woolen products, wedding tents, and fine fabrics.

Keeping Our Values

From the beginning, our Berber nation understood the value of getting along, even with those who want to conquer our homeland. We know how important it is to remain hospitable, to give fair prices, and to let the trading thrive. So, aside from our products, we offer these values to our customers. We want you to feel the Berber and Moroccan culture that kept our people together.

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