Made in Morocco Horse Saddles



Once upon time in the far barbaria land of Rif, dressing your horse to stand-Up is a matter of pride. Our many wars with the Spaniards and the French army was not an easy test. Our horses are well-know quality breed, and we love to dress them with quality outfits for Fantasias or facing the French Army. Our dependable horse saddles made with solid leather was a proven strategy. Our horses maneuvered with ease in the Rif mountains, with powerful andalusian-Moorish saddles, and won 2 wars!

While there is no evidence that our saddles will win any wars, but Barbaria Rif assure you your horse saddle will be gut-wrenching and powerful.

Made In Morocco loves horses and donkeys we make them more attractive than many humans on this earth! Find out how we can help you select the perfect horse saddle for you and your horse.Fill up the form below and let’s talk horses arabian horses and Moroccan andalusian horse saddles!


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